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Amazon Filters Ltd

Amazon Filters Ltd is one of Europe’s leading filtration equipment manufacturers. We provide an extensive range of pleated, depth and bag filters for liquids, gases and air. We also design and manufacture the widest selection of filter vessels available on the market and can design bespoke housings to meet your particular requirements. In addition to delivering quality filtration products to our customers we provide a level of customer service that few, if any, competitors can match.

The company is privately owned and its head office and manufacturing facilities are located at Camberley in the UK. Amazon Filters is accredited to ISO 9001-2008 by one of the worlds most prestigious and respected accreditation bodies, the British Standards Institute. Our certificate number is FM 39584. To support and complement the Company quality systems, Amazon Filters are also actively engaged in gaining approvals for its products in specific industries. For example, we have accreditation and approvals from the water, food and automotive industries, and regularly design and build vessels to ASME VIII, PD5500 and AD Merkblatt design codes.



  • Υποδοχείς Ανοξείδωτοι
  • Φίλτρα Ανοξείδωτα 316 S.S.
  • Φίλτρα Βάθους
  • Υποδοχείς Φίλτρων Πλαστικοί
  • Απόλυτα (Μικροβιοκρατή) Γραμμής Παραγωγής
  • Υποδοχείς Φίλτρων Μεταλλικοί 316 S.S.
  • Σακόφιλτρα
  • Πρόφιλτρα Θεωρητικού Πόρου
  • Πρόφιλτρα Απόλυτου Πόρου
  • Μικροβιοκρατή-Απόλυτα Φίλτρα Μεμβράνης
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