BicappaLab is the only major manufacturer of pipette tips within the Europe, All tips¬†and racks are moulded of 100% tech-virgin material metal free.
BicappaLab tips are precision moulded with cleanly tip ends allowing perfect visibility of tip contents.

BicappaLab pipette tips are available packed in bulk-rack-refil, the range includes filter tips manifactured in our firm from the high quality polipropylene and the best filter material, BicappaLab filter tips are clear room manufactured and certified RNA/DNA and pyrogen free, sterilized by Gamma-Ray; filter tips are guaranteed aerosol + fluid barrier, ideal for preventing contamination and carry over during PCR preparation. The refill system do not require any loading mechanism making it so easy to use.
Available for all tips model have convenient price and good space saving. Controlled production and packaging ensured security against contamination when choosing RNA/DNA, sterile and pyrogen free pipette tips.



  • Ρύγχη Πιπεττών – Ρύγχη αποστειρωμένα με φίλτρο σε στατώ ( Racks )
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