CPC Biotech (Neomed)

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CPC Biotech (Neomed)

CPC Biotech is an Italian SME founded in 2006 and today represents one of the most important world player in the market of analytical enzymes.

Our innovative products, built up in the R&D labs from gene cloning up to their final formulations, are unique in the global market and some of them are also covered by trade mark license.

Exclusive supply agreement signed with big international group like Merck-Milliporerepresents one of our last evidence of the high-quality standard offered by CPC Biotech.

At the beginning of 2018, CPC Biotech acquired the business unit of Neomed s.r.l. related to the production of ready to use microbiological soils . Thanks to this acquisition, CPC Biotech has further consolidated its leading role in the pharmaceutical sector, as it is now able to offer both enzymes and soils added with the enzymes themselves.


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