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Micros GmbH

MICROS company has been founded in February 1994. The main business purpose is the production and sale of microscopes and microtomes. Advanced ergonomic design and new optics for a large variety of applications guarantee the success of the product range.

MICROS microscopes and microtomes are employed many different fields. Two main fields of application are the “life science” sector (medical technical laboratories, biology, veterinary …) and the “material science” sector (industrial applications such as semiconductors and plastics technology and also quality control …). Furthermore, MICROS also attaches great importance to the training and education sector

The product range extends from small models for use in education and routine laboratory work to highly professional microscopes for complex applications. The product line also includes stereo microscopes, imaging microscopes with Live Cameras or High Definition Video Cameras. Optimal samples for observation can be achieved with our high precision microtome line which includes a manual, a semi-automatic, a fully-automatic microtome and also our own MICROS disposable blades. Originally MICROS was founded to sell high-grade microscopes for a reasonable price, especially in Austria. In 2019 MICROS is going to celebrate its 25rd anniversary and is dealing successful with microscopes and microtomes in countries all over the world.

Large or small company, local or international – quality always pays off: ISO 9001 certification underlines the commitment of MICROS to maintain consistent standards of quality and competence in our dealings with our service and products and primarily with our partners. Since 2004 MICROS has a certified Quality

AUSTRIA – the historical place of microscope technology Austria is also an attractive business destination – and indicators such as the political stability, the high quality of life and the low inflation rate contribute to its success. We also benefit from the fact that Austria is financially one of the most stable EU members.



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