A family-owned company with strong roots and a finger on the pulse of time.

We are laboratory specialists with our own product range (neo-Lab-Line) and strong partner of the most manufacturers in the laboratory sector.
Our product range includes everything from consumables and equipment to standard chemicals and special products and chemicals.

Together with our partners we make sure our customers are satisfied. Our distribution partners provide guidance to you in the name of neoLab outside of Germany as well, and are your direct points of contact there. This way your orders can be processed seamlessly.

Staff members are the most important element for any healthy company. For this reason we are proud of our current staff members, but are also always looking for new heads to contribute to the constant enhancement of neoLab with their fresh ideas and new know-how.

We develop our own products specifically for you based on longtime experience, close cooperation with our clients, and constant monitoring of the market. 

As complete supplier you can find all common manufacturers in our product range. Here you can find the profiles of a few selected out of these 495 manufacturers. You can find their products in the neoLab shop. Thereby you have the advantage of gaining market oversight as to who offers which products in your desired product sector quickly and easily. In addition we have processed manufacturer information in order to make products comparable across manufacturers. 



  • Εργαστηριακά Αναλώσιμα και συστήματα-Πιπέττες Σταθερού- Ρυθμιζομένου όγκου
  • Συσκευές διήθησης 250ml,500ml,1lt ( Filter Unit) αποστειρωμένες
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