By understanding both our distributors’ and our end users’ needs, anticipating how they will evolve in the future, and focusing on hand protection solutions for them in the long-term, we can build on the Unigloves brand promise: “Safety through quality”.

Of course, appreciating what matters most to an individual end user is just the start. We also invest in understanding the distribution chain. Both the big picture and the fine detail are important – that’s why we pride ourselves in having a specialist sales team with experience across the markets we serve. They provide our end users with a unique lens on the glove world and allow us to work with them in visiting customers and undertaking glove audits.

Delivering value to our customer chain demands innovative solutions to keep us ahead of our competition. That means we’re tough with ourselves – designing, testing and manufacturing new products and ruthlessly discarding anything that doesn’t measure up now or in the future.

Customer focus, specialist teams, innovative solutions – it’s a simple story that you’ll hear from our colleagues in every part of the Unigloves business. All three are work in progress – constantly developed, tuned and delivered for our customers now and for their future hand protection needs.



  • Γάντια Latex- Nitrile
  • είδη ατομικής προστασίας
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